In comparison to a gas boiler, Ecodan air source heat pumps can be used off the gas grid because the only input required is electricity. Ecodan is the renewable alternative to a gas boiler and produces heating and hot water with lower running costs and less carbon emissions.

As gas boiler has to heat water to a high temperature and will produce less than 1kW of heat energy for every kW of gas consumed. A heat pump on the other hand harvests renewable energy from the outdoor air so will produce 3 or more kW of heat energy for every kW of electricity consumed.

 In comparison to an oil system, an Ecodan air source heat pump is more efficient, creates less carbon emissions and has lower operating costs. Also as they only use electricity and harvest heat energy from the air, there is no need to worry about fuel deliveries.

 An Ecodan air source heat pump will have the largest noticeable impact on your bills and carbon reduction output if you have a direct electric system.